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Code Bare Cameroon is an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network and is run by local agent Josue Arcance Enjanemoul.

The Barcodes Cameroon website was established in July 2018 and is represented in Cameroon and central Africa (Afoup Ltd., RCCM: RC/YAE/2017/B/1949), which can provide barcodes information and sell barcodes to customers in Cameroon and Central Africa. If you want to order barcodes from us, you can either pay in USD via Paypal or pay in Franc CFA (FCFA) by cash, Orange Money, MTN mobile money or by bank deposit to our agent’s account.

You may contact us if you need any advice about barcodes or want to purchase barcodes from us.

Call us today at +237 672 088 226 (also available on WhatsApp)

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The Barcode Cameroon Team

Enganemoul Josué Arcance CAMEROUN BARCODE representative and barcode professionalEnganemoul Josué Arcance