Genuine GS1 barcodes for the Philippines and worldwide.

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Genuine GS1 origin barcodes

Our genuine GS1 origin barcodes for the Philippines can be used in the Philippines and worldwide in the vast majority of stores.

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Our products

We sell the following products for a one-off price:

We also offer company prefixes and free barcode registration which you can submit after buying our retail barcodes.

Contacting us

We are a web-based business. As such, we don’t have a physical office. This allows us to keep overheads and our barcode prices low.

You can contact us by live chat or email to [email protected]. You can also message or chat with us on Facebook at

Country of origin

All barcodes and barcode systems are designed for international use, so there are virtually no restrictions based on the country of origin worldwide. A barcode number says nothing accurate about the product’s country of origin.

Our GS1-origin barcode numbers start with 07 which indicates they originally came from the USA. They are searchable at GS1.

We offer a free registration service to customers where you can list your barcode and product information (including country of origin) on the major internet barcode databases.

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The International Barcodes Network

Barcodes Philippines is a member of The International Barcodes Network.

This network has sold barcodes to over 13,000 clients in over 100 countries. They have international expertise and 10+ years experience in the barcode industry.

Our barcodes are obtained through The International Barcodes Network. This means that they are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other alternative barcode supplier.

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About Us

Barcodes Philippines provides low cost, certified barcodes and barcode packages to small businesses in Philippines for a one-off cost.

Barcodes Philippines is operated by AA Barcodes Limited.

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