Barcode Opportunities

We are currently looking for people to start licensee organisations in a range of different countries.

Licensees are required to have a good level of English as well as be a native speaker of their country of operation. Furthermore, they must have basic knowledge of computer use and be willing to learn extensively about barcodes.

All training is provided. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the growing network of International Barcode Suppliers.

We are currently wanting licensees to sell barcodes in:

North America:

Canada Barcodes


Central/South America:

Argentina Barcodes (Códigos de Barras Argentina) –

Bolivia Barcodes

Chile (Códigos de Barras Chile)

Costa Rica Barcodes

Dominican Republic Barcodes

El Salvador Barcodes

French Caribbean Barcodes

Guatemala Barcodes

Honduras Barcodes


Paraguay Barcodes

Códigos de Barras

Puerto Rico Barcodes

Tobago Barcodes

Uruguay Barcodes



Albania Barcodes

Belarus Barcodes

Bosnia and Herzegovina Barcodes

Cyprus Barcodes

Estonia Barcodes

Finland Barcodes

Hungary Barcodes

Iceland Barcodes

Kosovo Barcodes

Kyrgyzstan Barcodes

Latvia Barcodes

Lithuania Barcodes

Luxembourg Barcodes

Poland (Kody kreskowe dla Polski)

Serbia Barcodes

Sweden Barcodes



Cambodia Barcodes

Korea Barcodes

Laos Barcodes

Malaysia Barcodes

Myanmar Barcodes

Barcodes Nepal


Singapore Barcodes –

Sri Lanka Barcodes

Taiwan Barcodes

Vietnam Barcodes –


Middle East:

Bahrain Barcodes

Iran Barcodes

Iraq Barcodes

Israel Barcodes

Kuwait Barcodes

Lebanon Barcodes

Oman Barcodes

Qatar Barcodes

Tajikistan Barcodes

Turkmenistan Barcodes

Yemen Barcodes



Angola Códigos de

Cote d Ivorie Barcodes


Barcodes Ghana –

Libya Barcodes

Barcodes Madagascar –

Morocco Barcodes

Tunisia Barcodes

Senegal Barcodes