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Formed in the year 2018 Slovenia Barcodes aims to complement Slovenia and international barcode services.

It is a Slovenia business operating under the company Skansi d.o.o. with the intention to increase the availability of reasonably priced barcodes and provide general barcode information in Slovenia and worldwide. We do have offices in Radnička ulica 80, Zagreb, Slovenia, where we are able to manage clients individual needs.

Barcodes can be purchased online at

where you will get your purchased barcodes instantly through email.

SKANSI d.o.o.

Radnička cesta 80 (Zagreb Tower)

10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska (ured zadužen i za Slovenju)

OIB: 69119753354

VAT ID: HR69119753354

IBAN: HR1823600001102700896


Feel free to contact us at [email protected]  about our company or our barcodes if you have any questions, or see our FAQ page.