Barcode Verification

Do I need Barcode Verification?

Verification is not usually required. However, this is country and retailer specific. For information about the stores that need this, please see

What is Barcode Verification?

Barcode verification is a test scan of your barcode as it is printed on your product packaging to ensure that your barcode will scan well in different scanning environments. Larger retail stores, such as supermarkets, sometimes insist on these to reduce the possibility of missed scans as much as possible and ensure that the checkout is as fast and accurate as possible.


Verification reports either come back with a passing grade (A, B, C) or a fail grade. A pass is considered acceptable and all that is required for your barcode to be accepted by the store insists on the verification report (i.e. it doesn’t matter how well you pass). A fail grade will result in your barcode not being accepted by these retailers.

How to pass Barcode Verification?

  1. Make sure to follow the EAN-13 barcode specifications. For Full Specifications visit:  
  2. Make sure your barcode is printed clearly. Check your barcode under a magnifying glass to ensure that all lines are straight and if possible, do a ‘test scan’ with a handheld scanner to ensure that the barcode scans easily with that. If your scanner has trouble scanning the barcode, then it is likely that it will fail verification.


How do I get my Barcode Verified?

You can also get verification reports done by members of The International Barcodes Network. Visit for a full list of your local Barcode Supplier from this reputable network.