Charitable Projects We Support

International Barcodes Network (IBN) supports many charitable projects around the world, including:

Bright Hope World

Bright Hope World’s vision is to see the poorest of the poor become spiritually and physically self-sustaining. Its mission is to develop and resource partnerships with indigenous people who have the vision to transform their communities. IBN supports several Bright Hope World projects including the following:

Zimbabwe: Donations from IBN go towards the Peniel Children’s Home (run by Gideon and Jennifer) which provides shelter, food, support & schooling for orphans and vulnerable children.

Bangladesh: In 2021 IBN Network helped fund a water pump for a community in northern Bangladesh.

Zambia: In 2020-2021 donations from IBN went to support 5 different orphan care projects & homes in Zambia (Chifundo Orphan Care, Kalulushi Orphan Care, Patience Orphan Care, Chipata Rural Church Orphan Care, and Chingola Orphan and Aged Care). These projects support over 150 orphans and vulnerable children, providing them with a home and education.

Photos below from left: Gideon & Jennifer (Zimbabwe); water pump (Bangladesh); Orphan project in Zambia.

Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International (GHNI) aims to “bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting.” They have over 100 projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. IBN supports several GHNI projects, including the following:

Nigeria: In 2020 IBN donations funded new water well in the Apir community (in Makurdite) where the water had been causing diseases. In 2021 IBN donations are going towards the funding of other water wells too. 

Nepal: In 2020 IBN donations helped to support an income generation project in a rural village (Luina, in Makawanpur).

Indonesia: In 2020-2021 donations from IBN funded two Community Development Projects in Sulawesi, Indonesia (one project is in Oting village, and the other project is in Mawa village). Both projects are 3 years long. The main goals are improving education, health, water access, and income generation.

Tajikistan: In 2020 IBN donations funded a 2-year Community Development Project in several communities in Tajikistan.

Vietnam: In 2020 IBN donations paid for the refurbishment of a dilapidated Drug Rehab Centre in Vietnam (Son Tay Rehab Centre). A new kitchen & bathroom extension were added, a new roof was added, the ground was refloored, and the large yard was developed to include vegetable cultivation & animal husbandry (chickens and ducks).

Photos below from left: Water well in April village (Nigeria); Income generation project in Luina village (Nepal); Mawa village (Indonesia); women participating in a Community Development Project (Tajikstan).

Kasese Young Single Mothers Association (Uganda)

Kasese Young Single Mothers Association (KIYOSIMA) was started in 2009 in Kasese, Uganda, by five single mothers (including Dorothy, pictured below right) who were experiencing community neglect due to the taboo of having children out of wedlock. The group aims to offer economic empowerment for young single mothers through skills training, micro-finance initiatives, and the production of handicrafts.

Donations from IBN go towards supporting their duck-rearing project, which provides income to help single mothers. They have hundreds of ducks in different locations, and our donations have helped to provide solar incubators, and to improve the diet and health of the ducks, helping to prevent early mortality.



IBN also financially supports charitable projects in other countries including India, Venezuela and South Africa.