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The Most Trusted Barcode Suppliers in Tanzania.

Barcodes Tanzania, formed in 2013, is managed by ElewaTech Limited, which is an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network consisting of barcode sellers operating in over 60 countries worldwide. The network operates internationally to expand the availability of well-priced barcodes and provide general barcode information worldwide.

Why buy from Barcodes Tanzania?

  • No Annual Subscription.
  • One-Time Payment For All Purchases.
  • Lifetime Ownership Of Purchased Barcodes.
  • Member Of International Barcodes Network.
  • Worldwide Recognition.
  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • Instant Delivery Of EAN-13 Barcodes After Payment

If you want to purchase barcodes in Tanzania, visit the Buy Barcodes page – You have three payment options (credit card, PayPal, or international bank transfer).

Barcodes Tanzania provides a number of different services for reasonable prices:

  • Ean-13 Barcode Packages (or UPC-A Barcode Packages) for all retail products – Includes an EAN-13/ UPC-A Barcode number, Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, SVG, & pdf), barcode registration instructions and a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of this barcode number, as well as complimentary Product registration on the International Barcodes Database.
      •  EAN-13 Barcodes are the international standard used across Africa, Asia and Europe for both retail and online sales. EAN-13s are the most commonly accepted standard both within Tanzania and worldwide. (See here for the difference between EAN-13 and UPC-A).
  • ISBN Book Barcodes – Provide Barcode images in 4 different formats (Jpeg, PDF, png & SVG) once you have acquired an ISBN number from your country’s designated organisation. (Check Here). 
  • QR Codes – QR code images for your products are automatically sent in 4 different formats (Eps, tiff, Jpeg, PDF). Can provide both Static and Dynamic QR codes.
  • ITF-14 Carton Barcodes – 14-digit barcodes used on delivery boxes which contain a number of your retail product going into stores.
  • Barcode Registration – Register your barcode number and product information on the International Barcodes Database (complimentary if you purchase a “Barcode Package”).
  • And More… Magazine Barcodes, Retail barcode Images, Barcode Artwork Test

Contact Barcodes Tanzania if you have any questions about the company or barcodes. Or see their FAQ page.

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