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Barcodes Zambia ( operating as THE MASTER CLUE GENERAL AGENCY, a Zambian Registered Company is a member of the International Barcodes Network (an international network of barcodes suppliers formed during 2013) and the only legally authorized International Barcodes Limited Reseller in Zambia. The International Barcodes Network operates internationally to expand the availability of reasonably priced barcodes and provide general barcode information worldwide.

Our barcode numbers come from the same original database/system as GS1 barcode numbers and can be used internationally in the vast majority of stores.

Besides Barcodes, Barcodes Zambia operating as The Master Clue General Agency also provides the following services:

Asset Tags and Asset Tracking, and, other Asset Management Solutions, Label Design and Branding, Domain Name Registration, Web Design and Hosting, Emails and Hosting, Inventory/Stock and Sales Management Software (Retail and Wholesale), Installation of Time and Attendance Registers, Employee Management Software, Software Development, Networking, Internet Setup, Hardware Maintenance, Advanced Surveillance Systems Installations, General IT Goods and Services.

Just a click away is your freedom from the bondage of renting a barcode. Our Barcodes are One-Off cost, Internationally accepted, very reasonably priced, no renewals. Buy once and own for life! Buy a Barcode from us and get your share of the booming world economy. You buy our barcode, you sell your product anywhere in the world.

We have Retail Barcodes:


Book Barcodes-ISBN:

Magazine Barcodes-ISSN:

Carton Barcodes: and many other types of Barcodes.

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