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The Best Barcodes in Norway.

Norway Barcodes in an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network. 

It is run by local agent John Andersen and provides barcode information and barcode numbers to customers throughout Norway.

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  • No Annual Subscription.
  • One Time Payment For All Purchases.
  • Lifetime Ownership Of Purchased Barcodes. norway barcodes logo
  • Member Of International Barcodes Network.
  • Worldwide Recognition.
  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • Instant Delivery Of EAN-13 Barcodes After Payment

If you want to purchase barcodes in Norway visit the Buy Barcodes page – You have three payment options (credit card, PayPal, or international bank transfer).

Norway Barcodes provides a number of different services for good prices:

Contact Norway Barcodes if you have any questions about the company or barcodes. Or see their FAQ page.

Norway Barcodes

Email: [email protected]

Phone  +45 53 500 853 (Monday – Friday  10am – 2pm)

Strekkoder Norge ApS

Email: [email protected]

Our Scandinvian head office:
Barcodes Scandinavian
Græsted Hovedgade 34
3230 Græsted
Tlf. +45 53 500 853 (Telefontid mandag – fredag kl. 10-14)
Email: [email protected]

Phone  +45 53 500 853 (Monday – Friday  10am – 2pm)

Products using their barcodes:

Beauty – therapeutic grade essential oils from Essential Oil Techniques, and a premium range of skin care products inspired by nature from The Raw Unite.

Food & Beverages – handmade craft spirits from Orca Island Distillery, and a delicious range of handmade natural & organic granola from The Monday Food Co.

Clothing – The Mad Hueys, and creators of ethical and certified organic apparel from OCC Apparel.

Giftware – sterling silver jewellery from Zeelver, and memorable party supplies from Nouwee

Other – unique & innovative “slab of seeds” to grow your own veggies & herbs from Sow Delicious, and premium eco-denim care products to help enhance and prolong the look of your denim Wiuep.