Barcode Registration

Barcode registration is a service offered by all of the International Barcodes Member sites. This allows all people who purchase barcodes through the International Barcodes Network to register their barcodes on the Barcodes Database, free of charge.

The barcodes database is a new initiative from the International Barcodes Network for the registration of barcodes worldwide. This database shows the ownership of all barcodes purchased from IBN members and allows barcode owners to upload product details including images, a website link, description, contact details and more. This makes it one of the most comprehensive barcodes database available online. Barcodes sourced from other companies can also be registered for a fee.

One of the major advantages of having your barcode registered with us is your registration will appear in google search results when the barcode number is looked up. This increases the online profile of your product and helps consumers find you. Also, your barcode is much less likely to be stolen if a Google search reveals to the potential thief that your number is actively in use.

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